SUN         MON        TUES        WED       THURS       FRI         SAT         

  •                                                                           7- 8:30 AM             7- 8:30 AM               7- 8:30 AM            7- 8:30 AM
  •                                                                             Mysore                    Mysore                      Mysore                   Mysore
  •                                                                             Juliet                        Katie                         Juliet                  Katie            
  •                                      9- 10:30  AM                                             9- 10:30 AM                                                                       
  •                           Simple Kundalini              9:30-10:30      Simple Kundalini                                                                     
  •                                         David           Healing Meditations               David                                                                     10-11 AM
  •                                                                       Alexandra                                                                                                    Little Buddhas
  •        11- 12:15  PM                                     11-12:30                                                       11-12:30                                  Courtney          
  •      Vinyasa Flow                                           Vinyasa  L1                                                        Vinyasa L2
  •        Francisca                                             Sasha                                                             Sasha                                                                                                     
  •        12:30-2 PM
  • Transformational
  •      Meditation                                                                                                                                                                                       3- 5 PM  
  •         SHIV                                                                                                                                                                                       Intro Nei Gong*
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rick
  •                                             5:30-7 PM             5:30-7 PM              5:30-7 PM            5:30-7 PM
  •      6-8 PM                           Level 1                 Foundations            Level 1/2              Level 1                 6:30-8 PM
  •      KDK Buddhism             Juliet                      Katie                       Juliet                     Katie                  Ipsalu Tantra****                       
  •      Lama Nyugu                                                                                7:15-8:45                                            Kalishakti
  •                                                                             7:30-9 PM            Vinyasa  L2               7:30- 9 PM                   
  •                                                                             Buti Yoga**                 Sasha                   Buti Yoga***
  •                                                                            Kalishakti                                                Kalishakti

* Intro Nei Gong : Begins March 3 ;    Buti Yoga: **Tuesday begin Feb. 27; ***Thursdays begin March 8;     ****Ipsalu Tantra: Begins March 1.

Class Descriptions

Buddha Kids- 6 week series with Courtney beginning Feb. 1!  Please register at 

Buti Yoga- A synergistic blend of  Yoga, Pranayama, Mudras, Igniting Shakti, Aligning your Spine, Stretching & Strengthening creating the New U... A tribe of empowered women who support each other in their quest for health and happiness. The movement methodology is drawn from primal movement, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques to awaken the Shakti energy and free the mind.   $45: 5 classes; $10 drop-in.

Foundations-  Explore postures and vinyasa of primary series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Instruction sensitive to individual needs.  Beginners welcome.           $45: 5 classes; $80: 10 classes; $12: drop-in.

Healing Meditations.  Mend the mind-body relationship. Appropriate for those new to meditation as well as seasoned practitioners . Very helpful for those experiencing chronic fatigue and pain, illness, and injury. $55 for 4 classes.  To register call Alexandra Seymour 707-822-5395 or email

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya-    BEGINS MARCH 1.  A unique approach within the variety of paths, a system for safely activating your cosmic consciousness—Kundalini. “Ipsalu” means “going beyond desires.” The ego mind believes having its desires fulfilled will bring happiness but that is seldom true. The Soul lives in bliss. By identifying more and more with your divine nature, you release your desires and discover who you truly are.
All walks of Life are Welcome.   $15. 

KDK Buddhism-  We are a practice and study group called Dorje Yang Dron, “Melody of Diamond Light”. We are under the guidance of theVenerable Lama Lodu Rinpoche, whose main Dharma Center, Kagyu Droden Kunchab, is in San Francisco, CA. To learn more, visit: We practice the Chenrezig sadhana, or practice text which is followed by a study and discussion group. All are welcome. You may call or email Lama Nyugu with any questions about the practice and study group at or (707) 442-7068.

Level 1-  Beginning classes teach the breathing and movement of classical flow series.  Allignment and meditation. $45: 5 classes; $80: 10 classes; $12 drop-in.

Level 1-2-  Standing, seated, and finishing poses  of classical flow series.    $45: 5 classes; $80: 10 classes; $12 drop-in.

Mysore-  Self-guided individual practice as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, South India.  Appropriate for all ages (12 and up) and all fitness levels.  $45: 5 classes; $80: 10 classes; $12 drop-in.

Intro to Nei Gong- 5-week series with Rick Moorehead BEGINS March 3. Please register at

Simple Kundalini- A system of health designed to optimize body, mind and spirit. Gain flexibility and strength, eliminate stress and anxiety. 3rd eye meditation and Simplified Kundalini Exercises. 

Vinyasa L1/ L2- A multi-level grounding Baptiste-inspired flow class, incorporating alignment principals and breath work all backed by an upbeat and joyous playlist.  Appropriate for Level One and Level Two practitioners who enjoy a physical challenge.  If you love a lively high-spirited practice that will bring you deeper into a grounded sense of self, you will love this class!  Expect to breathe and awaken!

Vinyasa-Flow-  A slow flowing sequence of poses focusing on full body strength, proper alignment, and relaxation through breath. Build flexibility in both body and mind.  $10 drop-in.