Schedule of daily events, July, 2015
Day Time Class Instructor Drop-in Fee Series Fees and Notes
Mon 9:00 - 10:00 am Community Flow - strength Monica Ballard  IFY $8 10 for $70
10:30- 11:45 am Basics - 1 Donvieve     IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
4:00 - 5:10 pm Mindfulness Meditation Heidi Bourne $5 - $10 sliding scale
5:30 - 6:45 pm Anusara Yoga® Level 1 Robyn Smith     IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
7:00 - 8:15 pm Prenatal Yoga Tina George Dawson $10
Tue 6:45 - 8:30 am Guided "self practice",
Ashtanga vinyasa style yoga
Juliet Smith $10 $45 for 5 classes, $80 for 10
9:00-10:15 am Body Prayers Yoga Shemaia Skywater  IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
Noon - 1:15 pm Yoga for Boomers James Athing $10 6 for $48, 15 for $105
5:30 - 7:00 pm Anusara Yoga Lev 1 - 2+ Patrick Harestad  IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
Wed 9:00 - 10:00 am Community Flow - ease Monica Ballard  IFY $8 10 for $70
10:30- 11:45 am Basics - 1 Donvieve     IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
5:30 - 6:45 pm Anusara Yoga Level 1 Robyn Smith     IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
Thu 6:45 - 8:30 am Guided "self practice",
Ashtanga vinyasa style yoga
Juliet Smith $10 $45 for 5 classes, $80 for 10
9:00-10:15 am Body Prayers Yoga Shemaia Skywater  IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
4:10 - 5:10 pm Core Strength Vinyasa Basics Erica M. Haines $5
5:45 - 7:15 pm Ashtanga-Vinyasa Level 1 Katie McGourty $10 $80 10 class punch card
Fri 9:30-10:45 am The Practice. Level 1 - 2+ Robyn Smith     IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
11:00am - 12:15 Basics - 1 Janet Pomerantz  IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
5:30 - 6:30 pm Anusara Yoga Lev 1-2 Patrick Harestad  IFY $10 5 for $45
Sat 10:00 -11:30 am Anusara Yoga Lev 1-2 Robyn Smith     IFY $13 5 classes for $55 or 10 for $95 - 110*
12:30 - 7:00 pm One Day Meditation Retreat David Sandercott $25 - 50 Sliding scale. 4th Sat. every month EXCEPT JULY
Sun 9:00 - 10:30 am Yogananda Meditation Group   donation 2nd & 4th Sundays
6:00 - 8:00 pm Tibetan Meditation Group   donation Every Sunday

*Applies to IFY classes:
Full-Time Students and 65+ Seniors:
drop-in $9, 6 classes: $48 - $58
(IFY): All IFY teachers teach in the Anusara style of yoga. When you purchase a series with an Inner Freedom Yoga teacher, you can use it for classes with any IFY teacher.


$117 for 13 classes or $220 for 26 classes. Specials are good for one person on any regular IFY classes June 1 - August 31. No refunds or extensions.

Upcoming Events

Bhakti Yoga: The Art of All Activity

Tuesday, July 7, 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Swami B.K. TyagiSwami B.K. Tyagi is a sannyasi (monk) dedicated to the practice of Bhakti Yoga and is an active publisher and lecturer, knowledgeable in both Sanskrit and Bengali. In his practice he strives to make the truths revealed in the ancient Vedic Scriptures, such as Srimad Bhagavad-gita, accessible and practicable in the modern day. He will give a talk about the process and benefits of practicing Bhakti Yoga, the sincere seekers path of genuine proper adjustment with the environment, and will be leading everyone in Kirtan, devotional singing.

Swami B.K. Tyagi resides primarily in India at Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, but regularly travels internationally where he teaches at yoga centers, ashrams, festivals, universities, and the homes of all who welcome him. He has taught in the following countries: Bangladesh, Brasil, Colombia, Germany, Holland, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

This event is free but donations are always appreciated. Refreshments will be served.

For questions, contact Bimal at (801) 897-0566
or Braja at (408) 966-7768


Tuesday and Thursday, 9 - 10:15 am

A mixed-level practice which draws upon Anusara Yoga, kundalini kriyas, yoga therapeutics, sound healing, yoga philosophy, and Bhakti (devotional practices). An emphasis is placed on alignment, sequencing, pranayama (breath), and mudras (body or hand positions) that optimize energetics. All levels welcome.

Yoga instructor Shemaia SkywaterShemaia Skywater is a yogini with more than 3 decades of yoga practice and teaching experience. She has been a student of Anusara Yoga since 2001 and completed the Inner Freedom Yoga Immersion and Training in 2008, as well as the Inner Freedom Yoga Level 2 and Yoga Therapy trainings and attended hundreds of hours with other top Anusara instructors, including the founder.

She also has spent 25 years exploring music as a healing force and sampling the healing music and movement of many ancient traditions, and two decades learning, exploring practicing, researching, receiving training in sound healing modalities and therapeutics through sound.

She is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound healing events.producer, body worker, and aromatherapy student. She loves breathing ocean air, swimming in rivers, tango and fusion partner dance, cooking Ayurvedic yumminess and jamming with friends. She especially loves the practices of the bhakti tradition: building altars and leading kirtans, which she does regularly.

(707) 296-8558


with Erica M. Haines
Thursdays 4:10-5:10

Gather and radiate with core generated alignment. This class teaches the basics of how to use the deep core muscles and core lines to enhance your yoga practice. Gain strength, fluidity, and stability. Dissolve outer body tension.

Erica M. Haines is a Certified Advanced Yoga Practitioner. She has enjoyed trainings in traditional Hatha, Baptiste, kids, and Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. Through her classes, students can develop strength and body wisdom to enhance any physical endeavor.

For more information, call Erica at 707-599-5056

LEVEL 1 - 2+ with Robyn Smith

Fridays 9:30 - 10:45 am

This flowing Friday class is for people who want to move steadily, who know their alignment and how to keep themselves safe. Less talking, more breathing. Robyn often practices with you, instructing from her mat. Feel free to rest or challenge yourself more as you desire. Some days will be more vigorous and playful, some more calming and meditative. Please always honor your limitations! Includes a short meditation.


4th Saturday every month, 12:30 - 7pm

4th Saturday of every month we come together to Meditate and share love. We have a vegetarian potluck for lunch, snacks and everybody always has a great day and leaves smiling.

One Day Meditation Retreats are designed to take you deeper into your practice as well as to raise your life force energy and attune you to a higher level being. Also to provide the space for a loving spiritual community of individuals committed to the Enlightenment of Mankind and creating peace on Earth.

Cost: $25-$50 sliding scale. Register by emailing or calling 310 663 9879. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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